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  1. Sigurd

    Nice use of DOF! Mal ’ne ganz andere Sichtweise auf den Berliner Hinterhof.

  2. sherri

    Everytime I think I’ve found a favorite, you post something like this. I don’t know all the proper photography terms, but I know a good photograph when I see it. This is superb.

  3. Alexander

    very unusual photograph! You have put the focus on the darkest spot in the picture (the wall in the front right), but the eye of the viewer is automatically drawn to the bright court yard in the centre, following the walk way, but does not find a hold there because it is not in focus – then looks for some focus in the picture and finds it in the dark right corner, then being drawn by the bright centre, bounces back… and so forth.

    The photo, in fact, is phenominal! It speaks, conveys emotion – even if it is „unrest“. Did you intend it this way?


  4. Natasha

    Very well said indeed Alexander! :)

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