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  1. Sigurd

    Ganz und gar bezaubernd! Es trifft genau die Winterstimmung wie ich sie mit Berlin in der Erinnerung verbinde.

  2. V

    Nice shot. Reminds me of the lamp post in the book (and movie) Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

  3. sherri

    This is beautiful. The blue of the lamp post and sky not only match each other, but they match your site. Unusual bulb. It looks like a gas lantern.

  4. Pixelmatsch

    Actually it really is a gas lantern. Many parts of Berlin „still“ have streets illuminated by gas lanterns, although they’re (very) slowly dying out.

  5. naren

    This is a good photograph. I believe the dome of the lamp is not exactly blue in color, right ! It must be the reflection of the sky. I specially like the strong contrast of the object and its background.. its quite intersting. enigmatic..

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